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School/College Transport Online Payments 

Please refer to your payment request from the Transport Commissioning Service to pay for the following:

  • Replacement bus pass (*see below note)
  • Spare Seat bus pass
  • Transport offered on Medical grounds (where not attending the nearest school)
  • SEN spare seat transport
  • SEN 0-4 transport
  • SEN 16+ transport

*A change of address or school/college must be reported to TCS before payment is made.

Replacement Travel Pass

Lost or damaged travel passes must be replaced immediately, for which there is a charge of £15. Stolen travel passes can be replaced free of charge provided that the theft has been reported to the Police and a crime reference number has been obtained - please telephone 0300 1237039 if this applies.

Terms & Conditions

Please Note: you should only proceed to the next stage if you have received a formal request for payment

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